The Mission
We help single parents raise healthy kids by encouraging, equipping and empowering them. We do this so they can better love themselves, their families and their Creator. We mobilize churches, companies and communities to do the same to help these families thrive.
Core Values

We adopt the following values in all we do.


We are Made for Community
We are not meant to be alone
No Judgment
Doesn’t matter how you got here
Faithful Stewards
Wisdom and care with the funds entrusted to us
All Love All the Time
Be kind to all we come in contact with
Brokenness is a good thing
This is where healing begins
Offer Hope and Healing to Solo Parents
We offer the resources and tools for transformation.

The Vision
We are determined to see a decline in the tragic outcomes of single-parent homes. (According to a recent census study, 63% of suicides, 75% of chemically dependent kids, and 85% of incarcerated minors come from single parent homes – Census study) To do this we look beyond the symptomatic needs and address the holistic issues a single parent faces related to emotional, spiritual and physical deficits. From a biblical perspective, we provide the resources, love and support that enable a single parent to discover whole-hearted wellness so that their families can thrive. We are determined to be a catalyst for our culture to embrace single-parent homes and let them know they are not alone. We are driven to mobilize the military, organizations and communities to recognize and forge relationships with these families in need. Ultimately, through personal experience, we have encountered the transformational power of God to work through our brokenness to a greater understanding of His love for us.

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