We help single parents raise healthy kids.

We are on a mission to stop the tragic statistics coming from single parent homes.

Join us, and change the trajectory of these hurting families.

We build authentic Solo community

We create support groups online, in local churches and in the US military.

We educate and equip parents.

We produce weekly podcasts, daily devotions and educational resources to help single parents in the areas they struggle with the most.

We connect Solos to each other

We connect solo parents from around the world to each other on our in-app chat rooms.

We equip churches and organizations

We provide resources and coach local churches and organizations to better serve the needs of single parents.

We advocate

We raise awareness and speak out for the specific challenges single parented families face.

We join the journey

Because we have walked in their shoes, we journey with single parents through both the challenges and victories so they know they are never alone.
22 million children are being raised, right now, by a single parent and far too many have tragic outcomes. Together, we can change that and the fate of these hurting families. 

Watch our one minute films.

Sheila's Story
Nina's Story
Jacob's Story
Jackie's Story

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Solo Parent Society is an independent non-profit 501 (c) 3 company not affiliated with or funded by a specific church or denomination.
“(Robert) says solo parenting can be a season where you encounter intimacy with God like never before. That’s real, life-giving hope for thousands of moms and dads who need it.”
Jim Daly, President - Focus on the Family

"I would love for you to learn more about Solo Parent Society, and Going Solo, Robert’s book, he really does offer hope and healing for the single mom or dad out there.”
Janet Parshal , In the Market with Janet Parshal, MOODY RADIO

“I believe that this is going to be a movement that impacts churches all around the world and I highly encourage you to be a part of it.”
Darren Whitehead, Senior Pastor of Church of the City, Nashville

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