Our Story 

How it all started...

For years Robert Beeson's career as a Grammy Award winning music executive and, by appearances, his family flourished. But what was brewing below the surface eventually claimed the intact family. Robert’s wife walked out leaving him to raise his three daughters on his own. Although this wouldn’t be the path that Robert would have chosen, the unexpected “God factor” of this journey altered his course and reframed his understanding of every aspect of life.

Fully aware of the complexities that single parents face, Robert drew on his 8 1/2  years as a single dad  to start Solo Parent Society in 2017. Initially piloting  a support group in Franklin, TN the group was at capacity without ever being mentioned from the pulpit. The groups have expanded  to 18 different states, the US military and international online groups. Robert released a book in 2018, "Going Solo - Hope and Healing for the Single Mom and Dad" with Focus on the Family.  

SOLO PARENT SOCIETY has now reached over 159,000  solo parents across the globe though their groups, resources, podcasts and daily devotions. 

Expanding the vision...

We have completed Phase One of our Strategic Development Plan and are now in Phase Two of a Six Phase Plan:
PHASE ONE - Proof of concept
Launch pilot groups and resources
PHASE TWO - Create self sustainable program
Develop and implement  content integrated across all platforms
PHASE THREE - Online and Military integration
Customize program for online and armed forces use
PHASE FOUR - Corporate program integration
Customize program for corporations to offer employees
PHASE FIVE - Global and Education integration
Expand reach beyond US and customize program for education sector
PHASE SIX - Advocate
Mobilize awareness and influence politically